Patrick Obogo Coming to America

Patrick Obogo Coming to America

Q & A Courtside Chat


1) During your 1st hoop clinic, who were the 3 most influential people/coaches you met and what information did you find helpful? 

-There were only a few influential coaches on my arrival. You Coach B were the one that took me to the side and gave me a work out and advice! It was my hope to stay in touch with you!

2) Your first challenge was not finding a school right away, what lessons did you learn from it?

-I was fortunate to have Coach Dave Resa to offer housing until another connection came. My faith in God, and family support in Nigeria was a big help too!

3) Arriving to the USA at 14, one year later in what ways have you matured and become more responsible?

-I matured in a lot of ways since coming here. I learned the hard way to conserve money and food. There were times when I wanted to speak to family and friends back home, but had to wait and use other ways, like Facebook. And, the time difference made me more aware and patient.

4) What are your future goals and why is it important to have plan A & plan B?

-My future goals are simple to play professionally one day in the NBA, and return home to help my father build his business. I also plan to have the courage and support to start my own business

5) What advice would you give others coming to America, Nigerian student-athletes looking for a school home?

-My advice to my Nigerian comrades is to research the school you’d like to go to by way of Internet & email inquiry. Then, follow the application with an adviser either from Nigerian, or through FB. And finally, realize there will likely be delays and setbacks .. be prepared to push through!

6) Why have you recommended other athletes interested to me and 4casting?

-I recommend other athletes to speak with because you’ve shown one of the best commitments to helping international student-athletes with accurate information and private school prospects.

7) How has the USA influenced you cultural wise?

-New friends have invited me to their homes, and I am learning how to mix certain American, Italian foods .. the Philly Cheese Steak Hoagie is crazy good!